Stable Diffusion XL: the next iteration in the evolution of text-to-image generation models

What is Stable Diffusion XL (SDXL 1.0)?

Stable Diffusion XL (SDXL 1.0) is a powerful image generation model capable of producing high-quality images in various art styles and excelling in photorealism. It offers better contrast, lighting, shadows, and vibrant colors than its predecessor (SD 1.5 and 2.1), while maintaining a native 1024x1024 resolution. The model can render complex concepts and compositions with ease, such as hands, text, and spatial arrangements.

With SDXL, users only need a few words to create detailed images, and the model can understand the differences between similar concepts. It is one of the largest open image models, featuring a 3.5B parameter base model and a 6.6B parameter refiner. The two-stage architecture ensures robustness without compromising speed or requiring excessive compute resources. SDXL 1.0 works effectively on consumer GPUs with 8GB VRAM or available cloud instances.

Fine-tuning and advanced control options are being developed, making customizing the model easier and more efficient.

How to use the Stable Diffusion XL model

There are several ways to get started with SDXL 1.0, the most convenient way is using online Easy Diffusion for free.

  1. Clipdrop: SDXL 1.0 is live on Clipdrop. You can access it by following this link.

  2. GitHub: The weights of SDXL 1.0 and the associated source code have been released on the Stability AI GitHub page. Visit the repository to explore the code.

  3. Stability AI Platform: SDXL 1.0 is also being released for API on the Stability AI Platform. Check out their website for more information.

  4. AWS: SDXL 1.0 is available on AWS Sagemaker and AWS Bedrock. Visit the AWS Sagemaker and AWS Bedrock pages to get started.

  5. Stable Foundation Discord: The Stable Foundation Discord is open for live testing of SDXL models. Join the Discord server to participate in the community and test the models.

  6. DreamStudio: DreamStudio has SDXL 1.0 available for image generation as well. Visit the DreamStudio website to start creating images using SDXL 1.0.